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 Interested in joining the New Hampshire Chapter of MOAA?
See the following to do that.

1.  Download and complete the attached application form [NEW VERSION] (Adobe PDF) and mail it with a check ($19.00 for regular members or $12.00 for surviving spouses) to "NH Chapter of MOAA", P O Box 712, Dover, NH  03821-0712.

2.  Complete the attached application form [NEW VERSION] (Adobe PDF) and email it as an attachment to  For payment, follow the procedures in item 3. below.

3.  To pay your dues online, go to After you answer the questions “Join or Renew”, “State”, and “Chapter”, you fill in your personal details to complete the process.

    The New Hampshire Chapter was formed in November 1979 with the purposes, among which, to foster fraternal relations between all branches of the various Services, to further the education of children of Service personnel, to present their rights and interests when Service matters are under consideration and to aid active and retired personnel of the various Services from which our members are drawn.

        Membership in the New Hampshire Chapter is open to all members of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA national) who are or have been commissioned officers and warrant officers of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Public Health Service, and of the Reserve, National Guard and other components of these Services.  That includes retired, former and current officers.  Auxiliary membership is open to widows and widowers of deceased members or of any deceased individual who would, if living, be eligible for membership.

        Membership in the New Hampshire Chapter is also open to retired, former, current officers and warrant officers as well as widows and widowers who are not members of MOAA national.  By joining the New Hampshire Chapter you are eligible to receive "limited" membership in MOAA national if you have an email address that you provide to them.  (See "MOAA's New Membership Model")

         Our programs include six meetings per year, usually on a Saturday at noontime, and involve a short business meeting, a timely speaker, and/or various social activities.  These events are held at various locations around the state to allow our members who live throughout the state to attend a function near where they live.  We hold a Clambake every year in August at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  All members receive notices and reservation forms for scheduled events.   A newsletter complete with pictures, news and messages is issued at intervals during the year.  The Chapter also awards interest free scholarship loans to deserving children and grandchildren of Chapter members.


        In 2013, MOAA national launched a three-tier model of membership.  The levels of membership are Basic Membership, Premium Membership and Life Membership.  Read this fact sheet for an overview of the system.  For information on how to join national MOAA, follow this link.


    The Chapter now offers new and existing members the option of paying their chapter dues online.  MOAA is offering this service free of charge to members as an alternative to writing and mailing dues checks by hand.

    The following are some of the highlights of the program:

    To utilize this system, go to After you answer the questions “Join or Renew”, “State”, and “Chapter”, you fill in your personal details to complete the process. You will receive a confirming email shortly after and the process completed by the fifth of the following month with the Chapter receiving proper notification and the funds deposited in our bank account.


   Here are seven good reasons for any officer—active duty, Guard, Reserve, former, or retired, or their surviving spouse—to join MOAA-NH today. Check out our web site for a more comprehensive picture.

1. We make ourselves heard. Our chapter provides critical grassroots support for MOAA’s national legislative agenda. Our benefits under constant attack, now more than ever. MOAA-NH members regularly connect with national legislators, staff and local agencies to share our thoughts and concerns. We open doors for MOAA’s legislative team in Washington, D.C.  In these difficult times, MOAA members need to stick together and our chapter is the best way we know to do that.

2. Giving back to the community. Our members are MOAA’s ambassadors in our communities, supporting countless programs that make a difference in the lives of others. We established the Granite State Warriors Awards to recognize NH individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the Armed Forces of the United States and we are actively involved with other government and non-government groups where we share common interests.

3. Value added to chapter member lives. Our chapter sponsors interesting programs and opportunities to interact with civic, political, military, and business leaders on issues important to members. We provide travel opportunities, an active scholarship loan program, well-attended meetings and great speakers.

4. Networking with fellow officers. Our chapter includes second career members in the work force or retired service members who have contacts in the community that can be valuable to transitioning officers. We work with other veterans groups frequently to assure achievement of common goal. For example are charter members of the influential State Veterans Advisory Committee and recently participated in a commission to study PTSD and TBI. This three-year effort resulted in significant improvement in the way agencies and organizations in NH work together to help victims and families.

5. Stay informed. Our chapter newsletter, website, and meetings provide you the latest information on local, state, and national issues and changes to military benefits. Our newsletter and web site have received national recognition for quality and effectiveness in meeting the needs of our members

6. Influencing state legislation. Several of our members are Representatives in the State Legislature and we participate in advisory groups to our Congressional delegation.  We also have a strong representation on the statutory State Veterans Advisory Committee composed of four legislative members and fifteen veteran organizations to provide guidance and testimony on legislation of interest to veterans to provide a common voice for New Hampshire’s veterans and their families.

7. Camaraderie with a purpose. Our chapter unites active duty, former, and retired officers from every branch of service, including National Guard and Reserve, as well as surviving spouses. Our camaraderie not only gives you a chance to connect with other members with similar backgrounds and interest, but to also develop close and lasting friendships.


    There has been some confusion regarding the payment of MOAA-NH Chapter dues and MOAA national dues.

    The New Hampshire Chapter of MOAA is affiliated with but not a direct part of MOAA national.  This is how all the MOAA chapters are set up.  Consequently, when joining one, it does not mean that you automatically join the other, or that when paying dues to one, that covers dues to the other.  In recent years, MOAA had a program whereby when someone, who is not a member of MOAA national, joins a chapter, they receive a free one-year membership in the national organization.  However, after that first year, they hoped and expected members to continue paying national dues as well as our chapter dues.  In 2013 MOAA changed their membership "model" to include three levels of membership. (See "MOAA's New Membership Model")  Now their "free" membership is primarily electronc information and limited benefits, and to take advantage of this "basic" membership, one must have an email address.

    In the past, our chapter has had a provision in our by-laws that said that when you reach 80 years of age, you no longer had to pay chapter annual dues and you became a life member.  Unfortunately, with a large number of our membership getting older, we have had to do away with that provision and require annual dues from all members who have not paid for life membership.  MOAA national has no such provision, so even if you do not have to pay chapter dues, you still must pay dues to MOAA national (unless you are a life member of national).  One final point concerning surviving spouses – you inherit whatever category your deceased member had – either annual dues paying or life membership.

    If you have further questions, please contact the Membership Chairman.


    Looking for the perfect gift idea?  Why not give that special someone or friend a gift certificate for one year’s membership in the New Hampshire Chapter of MOAA!

    Here's how it works.  Send Michael McLean, the Membership Chairman, a check for $19.00 (for regular members) or $12.00 (for surviving spouses), made out to NH Chapter of MOAA, to P.O. Box 712, Dover, NH 03821.  Please provide him with the name of the prospective recipient, and indicate whether he/she is a new member or a renewing chapter member.  When you receive the packet from him, you need to fill in your name and the name of the person receiving the certificate.  Now you are ready to give your thoughtful gift.

    If the recipient is not a member of the NH chapter, he/she needs to fill out a membership application form so that the pertinent information is entered into the database and he/she will be able to receive all the newsletters and luncheon announcements.  A membership application is attached to the gift certificate and must be returned to the address on the application.


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