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This Week's Legislative Update (October 10, 2019)
(From "Take Action" Section of MOAA National website)

2020 FEDVIP Dental and Vision Plan Prices Released
Ask Your Legislator to Support These Important Defense Bill Provisions
The End of the Commissary System? What Merger Plans Could Mean for Your Shopping Benefit

Benefits Issues
(From MOAA National)

Where Retirees, Veterans Can Go to Get a Free Flu Shot
Here’s How the VA Will Share Your Medical Records in 2020

Key Legislative Goals for 2019


Follow trends on MOAA’s COLA Watch.

New Hampshire Congressional Delegation Scorecard

    See how our Congressional Delegation stand on key bills affecting the military, retirees and survivors.

    MOAA has created a page on their web site for each individual legislator to summarize the information for you in one spot rather than making you sort through cosponsor lists for multiple bills.

Just follow these five steps:

Congressional Voting Records

    Want to know who voted for what legislation?  Check to see how our Congressional Delegation voted on any bill!  Visit the Project Vote Smart website, click on "New Hampshire" and "GO".  There you will find a wealth of information at your fingertips not only about Congress, but other federal and state officials as well!!



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