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per member per year… and rising.  Rather than raise dues for the chapter membership, which we are loathe to do, the Board of Directors recommends that the current policy of free membership after age 80 be changed and all members continue to pay dues at the current rate.  Please be assured that we have arrived at this recommendation after careful consideration of all the alternatives and options available to us.

At its August meeting your Board of Directors voted to ask the membership of the Chapter to approve a change to our by-laws.  The question that you will be asked to vote on at the annual meeting in November is: “That Article IV, Section 2 (d) be changed to eliminate the phrase ‘or who reach the age of 80 years’.  This change will be effective 1 Jan 07.”

We are sensitive to the fact that many of you are lucky enough to have already achieved this laudable and significant milestone, or are within a year or two of doing so.  (We are jealous!)  Therefore, this change will not affect those already classified as honorary members due to their age, or who will turn 80 before 1 January 2007.  The rest of us will continue to pay our annual dues at the (bargain) rate of $15 per year while we provide the community service and enjoy the benefits and camaraderie of the chapter and its activities.

Your Board is asking you to support this proposed change to the by-laws to ensure the long-term financial health of the Chapter.  Please give it your careful consideration.

Submitted by Herb Follansbee

The Working Dog Foundation is a non profit organization that supports and enhances the NH Police K9 teams.  Additional information about the Foundation can be found on the internet at: www.workingdog.org.  The foundation’s Board of Directors is seeking a Chief Administrator to help grow the organization and provide a second decade of quality service.  This volunteer position will require approximately 10 hours weekly, and will function as a coordinator and leader of ongoing efforts by the foundation.  The Police K9 Academy Headquarters is located at the Pease Air National Guard Base.

The ideal candidate has 20+ years police and/or military leadership experience, the ability to contribute time to the foundation, and a willingness to serve as a catalyst for growth and expansion of the organization.   Specific K9 experience is ideal, but not required.   Leadership and energy are essential.   Candidates should contact Foundation Board Member Joe Follansbee at joe.follansbee@comcast.net, or at 603-868-3255 for more information.


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