The Granite Slate
NH Counties

September 2005
Published quarterly for the information of members of the NH Chapter of MOAA 
P.O. Box 712, Dover, NH 03820
Volume 26, No. 3

Proposed Bylaw Change
Submitted by John Graham
As I am sure you are aware, operating costs for the chapter have risen significantly over the past few years.  The Board of Directors works diligently to keep costs down, to be responsible stewards of your funds, and to maintain the financial health of the chapter.  To that end, we have made a number of adjustments to keep our costs manageable without compromising the quality of the chapter’s activities.  For example, we reduced the number of newsletters published each year and decreased the size of each from 8 pages to 4 pages while increasing the use of the website as a low cost alternative method of communication.  We have consolidated mailings and tried to increase our administrative efficiencies.  We also looked closely at several of the other items in our budget in order to reduce spending without altering our essential mission or direction. 

However, the Board of Directors firmly believes that we are a service organization, and that we should continue with our work in the community.  For example, we will continue to provide recognition to outstanding cadets in the ROTC and Junior ROTC programs within the state.  We also will continue to provide an annual contribution the New Hampshire Veterans’ Home in Tilton.  While we could conceivably cut these types of programs, it would run counter to one of the fundamental reasons for our existence.

The cost of printing and mailing newsletters and announcements of chapter activities is approximately $10 

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Coming Events


Sep 17   Grand Summit Hotel, Bartlett
              Speaker: Rick Wilcox,
             "Mountain Climbing in the Himalayas"
Nov 12   Manchester C. C., Bedford
               Admiral Norbert R. Ryan, Jr, USN (Ret),
               President MOAA


Jan 21    Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nashua
              Speaker: R. Bancroft McKittrick, Col USMC
              (Ret.); Non-Lethal Weapons Development
Mar 11   Highlander Inn, Manchester
              Speaker: John Clayton, Union Leader
May 6    Snowy Owl Inn, Waterville Valley
             Speaker: Joan M. Huber CAPT, NC, USN
              (Ret); “Inside the Real West Wing”
Jun 24    Mt. Washington Cruise, Lake Winnipesauke
Aug 5    Clambake, PNSY
Sep 23   Steele Hill Resorts, Sanbornton
             Karen Wadsworth, Clerk of the NH House;
             “Inside the Legislature”
Nov 4    Manchester C. C., Bedford
             Speaker: Admiral Samuel DeBow, NOAA

Chapter Officers
President LTC John A. Graham, USA (Ret) (603) 472-4637
Vice President CAPT Joan M. Huber, NC, USN (Ret.) (603) 863-5731
Secretary Col Mary E. Moran, USAF (Ret.) (603) 293-7841
Treasurer Col Richard L. Dennis, USMC (Ret) (603) 362-4981


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