President’s Corner
By Paul L. Bernard

As you read this newsletter, you will see that the chapter has received a “five-star” award from National.  Only two chapters in the “large” category received this award.  It is the willingness of our members to volunteer that makes this an award winning chapter year after year.  Just think about the amount of work that went into coordinating and serving a clambake for nearly 400 people.  And it was all done by volunteers.  The chapter also received an award for recruiting excellence, again through the efforts of volunteers.  I would like to salute all who have contributed to the various chapter activities that have made us one of the best chapters in the country!  Thanks for your efforts, and please continue to volunteer!  Along the same lines, if you would like to “get involved” just contact one of the chapter’s officers listed on the front of the newsletter.  I am sure they will help you. 

Looking forward, we have the annual meeting coming up on November 8, 2003, at the Manchester Country Club in Bedford.  For those who have not attended the annual meeting before, we have a business meeting in the morning at about 9:30 a.m., before the social hour.  At the business meeting, the various committees make their annual reports, and we conduct an election for vacancies on the Board of Directors.  Immediately following the business meeting, the Board meets to elect the chapter officers for the next year.  The social hour begins at 11:00 and the luncheon follows at 12:00.  The guest speaker usually is asked to preside over the installation of the new Board members and the chapter officers.  As you can see from the scheduled, our guest speaker this year is the Honorable James Duggan, NH Supreme Court Justice.  Hope to see you there! 

On a separate note, MOAA is continuing the push for concurrent receipt.  The September 2003 edition of  the Military Officer magazine includes a cover with pre-printed post cards that you can mail to our representatives in Washington.  All you have to do is to sign the post cards, affix a stamp and mail them.  

Concurrent receipt almost became a reality last year, but due to pressure from the administration, Congress passed the Combat-Related Special Compensation instead.  That program is addressed on the front page of this newsletter.  With record deficits, concurrent receipt will pass this year only if the Senators and Representatives are convinced that their constituents support it.  Please send the post cards to let them know we support concurrent receipt.  Thank you.
Paul L. Bernard

Plan Ahead

The New Hampshire Military Ball is being held on October 4, 2003, at the Center of New Hampshire in Manchester.  The social hour begins at 1800, followed by dinner at 1915.  The ticket price varies by pay grade, but it is $50 per couple for retirees and civilian guests.  For more information contact: Mike Rice 225-1209; Clermont Boutin 626-0035; Mike Lopez 669-8085; Mark Cave 623-9613 ext. 3325; Trina Wycott 225-1464; Randy McClellan 227-1435; Gerry Hebert 668-1871; Lisa Landry 430-2453; or Bob Tancrede 224-5955

There is also news from the Veterans Home.  Construction is complete and the New Hampshire Veterans Home in Tilton will dedicate its new 100 bed wing at 10:00 a.m. on October 18, 2003.  This is a hallmark event for the home and a testimonial to the great work done by Commandant Barry Conway, and his staff.  All veterans are invited to the dedication


Please note that the e-mail addresses have changed for many members.  In some cases, only the domain name has changed from “” to “”  For some of us, though, the entire e-mail address has been changed.  Please check the address before sending e-mail.  Also, the URL for Chapter’s website has changed.  It is now:  http://moaa-nh.home.


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