Volunteer Needed

Our chapter, like many other non-profit organizations, relies on the efforts of volunteers to meet its goals.  The chapter officers, board members, committee members, and other volunteers donate their time and effort to ensure that the chapter has a vital meeting program, scholarship fund, liaison with the congressional delegations, etc.

At the present time, the board is looking for a volunteer to take over the essential role of Program Chairman.  In many ways this is the backbone of the chapter.  The luncheons and other social events put on for the chapter, by the Program Committee, are the times when members can get together to have a good meal, listen to informative and entertaining speakers, and enjoy the company of old and new kindred friends.

The Program Committee plans and executes the five luncheons per year, usually one social outing (such as the Hobo Railroad) and assists with the planning of the annual Clambake.  It involves contacting places (restaurants/hotels) throughout the state to hold the luncheons, negotiating the contracts, preparing the announcement flyers, recording the responses, arranging for interesting speakers (and gifts to present to them), obtaining centerpieces for the tables and boutonnieres for new members, preparing reports in conjunction with the luncheons and attending monthly Board of Directors meetings.  It definitely would help if the person has a computer.  As you can see, there is a lot that goes on to put together the luncheons that everyone enjoys!

The current Program Chairman has been at this important position for eleven years and feels that it is time to step down.  The schedule has been completed through 2007 and he would like to turn over the reins by the end of that year.  That would allow the new volunteer to work with the current chairman to ensure a smooth transition.

If you are willing to make a large contribution to the success of our chapter and want a challenge, please contact John Graham, Joan Huber or Michael McLean.



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