Presidentís Corner
By John Graham
In the last issue I mentioned three areas that I considered critical to the Chapter.  This issue I will address the one that I feel is the most pressing in terms of the long-term success of our Chapter.  And that is membership. I have stated that my goal is to recruit 100 new members to the chapter, but I need your help in achieving this goal.  The following chart illustrates why I feel that this is critical to the future of our Chapter.
While I do understand that demographics are in part responsible for this decline, there is much that we can do to reverse this trend.  We all know someone (family member, neighbor, and the airline pilot down the street or the National Guard officer living in your hometown), who is eligible for membership in MOAA.  Recall that one of the prime reasons that our organization changed our name from TROA to MOAA was to make ourselves more welcoming to the former or currently serving officer.

The Chapter has made available one tool for you to sign up some one who may be reluctant to join.  This is our Gift Membership program.  With this gift certificate the new member will enjoy a free year of membership in our Chapter, as well as a free year in the national organization.  If you desire to purchase one of this certificates please send Herb Follansbee, our Membership Chairman, a check for $15.00 (for regular members) or $10.00 (for surviving spouses), made out to NH Chapter of MOAA, to P.O. Box 712, Dover, NH 03821.  Please provide him with the name of the prospective recipient, and indicate whether he/she is a new member or a renewing chapter member.  I am confident that once someone joins our chapter they will continue to renew their membership for years to come.

As an added incentive for you to actively participate in our recruiting drive I am announcing the following:

  1. If you sign up 10 new chapter members before 1 July 2006 you will receive two free tickets to our annual clambake.
  2. If you sign up 20 new chapter members before 15 October 2006 you will receive a free life membership in the chapter.  If you are already a member a donation will be made in your name to our scholarship program.
If you are not using a gift certificate please ensure that your name appears on the membership application so that appropriate credit can be given.

If you need membership applications please get in touch with Herb, or myself.  The application is also available on the Chapterís web page.

John A. Graham


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