President’s Corner
By John Graham
As the president of your chapter I am continually amazed at the hard work many of our members put in to make our organization so great.  From organizing travel trips for members, to sending books to our deployed troops, attending meetings with our congressional delegation, updating our web page or managing our scholarship programs – to name just a few – it is the members who make this chapter a true winner.

For those who not visited our site on the Internet, and have the means to do so, I would urge you to take a look at it.  It is a great source of information about our chapter and its activities.  It also includes updated information on items of interest to all, and includes links to our congressional delegation, and other official sites.  The address is:

Our scholarship committee needs your assistance.  While we are closing in on our fundraising goal for this year, we are still in need of additional donations. We are currently supporting 16 students with grants of $1,250 each.  This is a reduction from the $1,500 we had offered in the past, due primarily to the down turn in the market over the past couple of years. As tax time rapidly approaches please consider giving your tax-deductible donation to our scholarship fund.  Simply make the check out to MOAA-NH and annotate that it is for the scholarship fund.  It should be sent to MOAA-NH, PO Box 712, Dover NH 03820.

Recently MOAA National headquarters provided you with a letter to be sent to Senator Gregg concerning ‘paid up’ SBP for our older members. I trust that you all have sent that letter to Senator Gregg.  It is vitally important that our congressional delegation hears from all of us on these critical issues.  So I am requesting that every time MOAA-National provides you with a letter or card (often included in the magazine we all get) that you take a moment to fill it out and send it in.  There truly is strength in numbers.

Finally, I, and National Board of Directors member Bancroft McKittrick, will be meeting with our representatives in Congress in April as part of MOAA’s annual “Storming the Hill”.  We will report to you on the outcome of these meetings in the next newsletter.

John A. Graham 

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there are more volunteers to support the Chapter’s activities and to attend the social functions.  The ability to recruit new members also demonstrates the Chapter’s vitality, a factor used in the criteria to select chapters to receive the 5-star award .

As a Chapter, it is our best interest to recruit new members.  This should not be a “hard sell”.  Simply invite someone you know who was or is a commissioned or warrant officer to attend a luncheon.  Or give them a gift membership.  (Contact Herb Follansbee for the gift membership.)  Or pass this newsletter on to other officers for them to read.  They may like what they see and join the Chapter.  As a bonus, new Chapter members who are not a member of the national organization, receive a one year free membership in MOAA.  (This bonus is not available to officers who have belonged to MOAA in the past.)

As you will see on the last page, the Chapter has approximately 1,066 members.  The census has hovered around the 1,100 mark for a few years with recruiting making up for losses.  We would like to increase the membership rolls.  If you know of any officers who are not Chapter members, just make them aware that our Chapter exists.  You might mention some of the activities offered by the Chapter—the luncheons with excellent speakers; the Scholarship Fund that provides interest free loans to children and grandchildren of members while they attend college; legislative activities; an award program for ROTC and JROTC students; liaisons with entities such as the NH State Veterans Home, the Shipyard, Martins Point, and the VA Medical Center;  and don’t forget the world famous annual clambake each August.  OK, that last one might be a slight exaggeration.  The point is that the Chapter has a lot to offer.  Please help with the recruiting effort, it will make a difference!  Thanks.

NH MOAA Travel

We are attempting to rejuvenate the successful travel program started by John Kelleher. In order to do so, we need to know where Chapter members would like to visit and the mode of transportation you would like to use. Do members want to stay in the United States or visit foreign countries?  Travel by bus, train, cruise ship or plane? Please let Arnold Sayer know your preferences so that he can try to arrange a an appropriate travel adventure. Arnold can be reached at:  P.O. Box 547, New London, NH 03257-0547 or E-mail at: ACSAYER@AOL.COM.


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