New Chapter Members — Welcome Aboard !

MAJ Griffin Dalianis, USA/NG
Spouse:  Linda
COL James Geiling, USA (Ret)
Spouse:  Karen
LTCOL Brian Mazerski, USAF (Ret) CWO3 Robert Morris, USN (Ret)
Spouse:  Diana
LT Donald Moskowitz, USN (FO)
Spouse:  Elizabeth
LTC William W. Wright, USA (Ret)
Spouse:  Norma

Chapter Dues
By Herb Follansbee
If you received a dues notice and have responded, thank you!  If you received a dues notice and plan to renew your membership, please do so at your earliest convenience.  If you lost your dues notice or if you are unsure of your status, please contact Herb Follansbee at P.O. Box 712, Dover, NH 03821-0712.  Please note that life members do not receive a dues notice.

If you have decided to not renew your membership, please send Herb a short note so that he can take you off the distribution list for follow-up notices.

A review of the members’ e-mail addresses on the Chapter’s website suggests that some members have not provided updated addresses.  Some of us had an address through AT&T ( which was changed a while back when Comcast bought out AT&T.  Other members have changed providers for various reasons.

Please check the website and make sure that our dedicated webmaster (Michael McLean) has your correct address.  Thank you.

Board of Directors

Term expires in 2004
            Derrill Crosby 
            Mary Beth Moran 
            Jeffrey Olson 
            Edward Warfield

Term expires in 2005
            Gary S. Terhune 
            Patricia A. Graham 
            Joan M. Huber
            Robert E. Introne

Term expires in 2006
            Peter Burdett 
            Cathy Fields 
            Bancroft McKittrick 
            Arnold Sayer


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