Program Notes
By Michael McLean

First Meeting - Executive Court Conference Center

MeetingNot even the frigid cold temperatures could keep the 177 hearty chapter members and guests from attending the first meeting of the chapter's 25th Anniversary year!  The meeting and luncheon were held at the Executive Court Conference Center in Manchester on January 24, 2004.  Once again the food was outstanding and the service excellent.  We were pleased to have Kevin A. Dillon, the Airport Director of the Manchester Airport as our guest speaker.  He gave us a very informative presentation on the current status of the airport and plans for the future.  There were a number of questions from the floor which he answered forthrightly.  We were joined by five first time members of the chapter:  Brian Mazerski of Henniker, Don and Betty Moskowitz of Londonderry and Eugene and Ann Pawlik of Derry. 

At this meeting the Chapter president presented Arnold Sayer with a plaque in appreciation for his years of dedicated service as the Chapter’s Treasurer.  During his tenure as Treasurer, he kept the Chapter’s financial records in perfect order and provided invaluable advice to the Board of Directors and Officers.  Although Arnold has stepped down as Treasurer, he remains active in the Chapter and may become more active in the travel program.  Thanks again Arnold!

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one rather than keep having party-line votes that continue leaving military widows in the lurch.

In that spirit, we do appreciate very much Chairman Nussle's personal statement during the SBP debate that his intent in establishing the reserve fund for SBP is not an idle one. He expressed a personal commitment to work with the Armed Services Committee to find the necessary offsets to get an SBP fix in law this year. He reiterated this commitment in a meeting with MOAA and other associations yesterday. "I'm not just saying I'm going to cooperate with the Armed Services Committee," he pledged. "I'm going to be an advocate of this cause." Budget Committee staffers confirmed separately that this pledge is to help the Armed Services Committee find outside funding sources so the cost wouldn't have to be eaten within retired pay, TRICARE, or other defense accounts that would merely "rob Sergeant Peter to pay Mrs. Paul."

We believe the Chairman is sincere and we take him at his word. With as powerful an ally as the Budget Committee Chairman supporting the SBP funding effort, we're very heartened in our expectation that an SBP fix will be enacted this year.

By Paul L. Bernard

As I have stated in the past – our Chapter is operated by volunteers.  Some people put a tremendous amount of time and energy into their roles in the Chapter, other volunteers donate what they can afford.  Many of our members have full-time jobs and families or other commitments that limit their participation in the Chapter.  That is a recognized reality in a volunteer organization.  The more volunteers, however, the easier it is to complete the task. 

The Chapter is always looking for some “new blood.”  If you might be interested in volunteering, please contact any of the Chapter officers and let them know what you might be interested in doing, and how much time you would be willing to donate.  Whether you can afford one day each year or several hours each month, I suspect we can find a job for you.  If not now, please keep us in mind in the future.  Thanks.



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