Proposed State Legislation of Interest

HB 1260 This bill names the new Route 9 bridge over the Connecticut River between Chesterfield, NH and Brattleboro, VT the “United States Navy Seabees Bridge.” Passed the House sent to the Senate.
HB 1372 This bill defines the term “veteran” and certain other terms related to military service. House voted for approval  March 11.
HB 1189 Bill increases both the tax credit and the optional tax credit for veterans who have service connected disabilities. House voted to kill the bill.
HB 1378 This bill establishes New Hampshire service medals for veterans of World War II, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam Conflict who were residents of New Hampshire at their time of entrance into military service. An appropriation is made to the adjutant general for purposes of design, manufacture, and distribution of the medals.  Passed the House on 29 January.
HB 1207 This bill establishes a bonus payment for New Hampshire veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Changed to read War on Global Terrorism.  Currently in House Finance.
HB 1276 This bill establishes special number plates for veterans who were awarded the Bronze Star or the Silver Star.  Changed to a study.
HB 1302 This bill allows a member of the armed services reserve or national guard, who is called to active duty, or a member of the military on active duty who is transferred to another state, to terminate a real estate lease or rental agreement, without penalty, after giving 7 days notice.
HB 1331 This bill adds recipients of the National Defense Service Medal to persons eligible for the veterans' property tax credit.  House voted to kill this bill.
HB 1333 This bill changes the eligibility for person receiving the veterans' property tax credit to include all veterans who have been honorably discharged or officers honorably separated from service. House voted to kill this bill.
SB 322 This bill provides that disabled veterans with special license plates shall be exempt from paying tolls on the New Hampshire turnpike system. Passed Senate. In House Public Works Committee - Hearing was on 10 March.
SCR 5 This resolution commends the United States Congress for supporting full concurrent receipt of disability and retirement benefits by disabled veterans.
HR 23 Urges the President and Congress to amend federal selective service and immigration laws to grant the right of citizenship to all immigrants honorably discharged from United States military service. Passed the House 29 January.
SJR 2 This joint resolution designates the portion of NH Route 4 from the Lebanon border due east, southeast to the junction of Interstate 95 and the entire length of Interstate 95 in New Hampshire as the Purple Heart Trail.  Passed Senate 22 January.  House hearing was 11 Feb.
HB 65 This bill eliminates the consideration of Montgomery GI Bill benefits in the formula for the tuition waiver for national guard members.  Passed House 7 January. Passed Senate 4 March.  Sent to a Committee of Conference.


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