Odds and Ends

Scholarship Fund
By Paul L. Bernard
The Chapter’s Scholarship Loan Committee makes interest-free loans to children and grandchildren of Chapter members.  The loans are repaid following the completion of the student’s educational program, and a portion of the loan may be forgiven if the student’s grades are high enough.

As most of you know, the Chapter has increased both the number of scholarship loans it makes each year, and the dollar value of the loans.  These two changes have made it necessary to withdraw funds from our Scholarship Fund Account, and it will be a few years before the loan repayments catch up to current disbursements.  Therefore, we are trying to raise more donations to help offset the decrease in the Scholarship Fund Account.

Donations are tax deductible and support the education of the next generation of leaders.  I know that the deadline for filing taxes is right around the corner, and this is a bad time to ask for donations, but this is a worthwhile cause.  Please consider making a donation to the Scholarship Fund!

Donations may be mailed to: COL Cal Hosmer, III, P.O. Box 175 Braveboat Harbor, York, ME 03909-0175; or to CDR Ray Helgemoe, 3 Woodland Circle, Bow, NH 03304-3727.  Donations also are accepted by any of the Chapter’s officers.  Thank you.


Proposed Reserve Retirement
Reprinted for MOAA Website
When established in 1948, the reserve retirement system was intended to supplement a normal civilian career promotion and retirement program. But over the past dozen years, reserve call-ups have averaged a 13 fold increase over any comparable period during the entire 50 years of the Cold War. In addition, military leaders plan to call up reserve service members for lengthy 

activations over the course of a 20 year reserve career.

In order to offset the reduction in civilian compensation and retirement programs and encourage long-term reserve retention, it is necessary to match the reserve retirement system with the realities of 21st century reserve service. The age at which reserve retirement commences should be lowered to age 55 to reflect the total force policy and the ongoing national reliance on the reserve forces.

Bill S.1035, which would reduce the retirement age for reservists, has been referred to the Armed Services Committee. Congressionally directed studies have failed to address the urgency of this issue. MOAA believes further delay may hurt long-term retention and we urge Congress to authorize reserve retirement eligibility at age 55.

Planning Ahead
By Paul L. Bernard

I know that winter just ended and spring has just begun, but this is the time of year when many people plan their summer vacations.  The Chapter’s world famous (only a slight exaggeration) annual Clambake is scheduled for August 7, 2004.  Please plan your vacations and trips around this date, so that you can attend. 

If you have attended in the past, you know why people come from Vermont, Maine, New York, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC to attend.  If you have not attended before, please be assured that 400+ people each year cannot be wrong! 

Although it is billed as a “clambake” we also offer lobster (the Maine kind), steak, corn on the cob, potatoes, wurst, as well as drinks.  This is a family affair—so plan early and bring the family!

Later on in the summer we will be looking for volunteers to help organize and orchestrate this event.  If you might be interested, please let Paul Bernard know.


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