The Granite Slate
NH Counties

June 2005
Published quarterly for the information of members of the NH Chapter of MOAA 
P.O. Box 712, Dover, NH 03820
Volume 26, No. 2

Proposed change to dues
At its May meeting and after an in-depth review of projected income and expenses by the Chapter Treasurer your Board of Directors voted to propose a change in the dues charged to Auxiliary members of the Chapter.  Auxiliary members are, by and large, surviving spouses of members.

The Board recommends that the dues for these members be increased from $5 a year to $10 a year.  We did not take this step lightly, but several factors lead us to this reluctant decision.  When dues were raised for members in 1999 the Board at that time did not raise the dues for Auxiliary members.  In the intervening five years the cost of printing and postage have increased substantially.  At present it costs the Chapter about $9 a year for each member to provide (postage,) newsletters, meeting announcements, and related overhead.

While we regret the necessity to raise Auxiliary members' dues, we worked hard to keep them lower than those of regular members.  Auxiliary members will pay only $10, while members' dues will remain at $15.

The proposal will be presented to the membership of the Chapter at our regularly scheduled luncheon meeting to be held on September 17. If a majority of the members at the meeting approve the proposal, it will be returned to the Board for enactment.

John A. Graham
Chapter President

Coming Events


Aug 6    Clambake, PNSY
Sep 17   Grand Summit Hotel, Bartlett
              Speaker: Rick Wilcox,
             "Mountain Climbing in the Himalayans"
Nov 12   Manchester C. C., Bedford
               Admiral Norbert R. Ryan, Jr, USN (Ret),
               President MOAA


Jan 21    Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nashua
              Speaker: R. Bancroft McKittrick, Col USMC
              (Ret.); Non-Lethal Weapons Development
Mar 11   Highlander Inn, Manchester
              Speaker: John Clayton, Union Leader
May 6    Snowy Owl Inn, Waterville Valley
              Speaker: Joan M. Huber CAPT, NC, USN
              (Ret); “Inside the Real West Wing”
Jun 24    Mt. Washington Cruise, Lake Winnipesauke
Aug 5    Clambake, PNSY
Sep 23   Steele Hill Resorts, Sanbornton
              Karen Wadsworth, Clerk of the NH House;
             “Inside the Legislature”
Nov 4    Manchester C. C., Bedford
              Speaker: Admiral Samuel DeBow, NOAA

Chapter Officers
President LTC John A. Graham, USA (Ret) (603) 472-4637
Vice President CAPT Joan M. Huber, NC, USN (Ret.) (603) 863-5731
Secretary Col Mary E. Moran, USAF (Ret.) (603) 293-7841
Treasurer Col Richard L. Dennis, USMC (Ret) (603) 362-4981


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