Presidentís Corner
By Paul L. Bernard

Last month I was contacted by an attorney, and told that the chapter was a potential beneficiary of a trust named the ďRobert E. Morse and Kathleen Margaret Morse Living TrustĒ dated November 3, 1997.  Under the terms of the trust agreement, the chapterís Scholarship Fund will receive 10% of the trustís assets.  Robert E. Morse was a chapter member and passed away on July 14, 2003.  His wife, Kathleen passed away on November 7, 2003. 

The attorney was contacting the 10 potential beneficiaries in hopes of finding someone to volunteer to serve as a trustee and the administrator of the estate. Those individuals designated to serve in these capacities have either passed away or are unable to serve.  I believe the estate is being probated in Rockingham County.  If anyone is interested in serving as the administrator of the estate or as a trustee, please contact me at your earliest convenience.  I can be reached during the day at (603) 271-5316 and after work at (603) 229-1334.  My e-mail address is on the front page. 

Mr. and Mrs. Morse were kind enough to remember the Scholarship Fund in their estate plan, and the least we can do is assist in the legal proceedings to accomplish their wishes. 

On a separate note, you will see that this edition of the newsletter contains the status of state legislation that affects veterans.  We publish this information periodically because it is difficult to find such a summary elsewhere.  We do not generally report on all of the national legislative initiatives because they are well covered in the MOAA publication Military Officer. Of course, there are exceptions, such as Storming the Hill on the front page of this newsletter. 

Again changing subjects, one of the keys to our Chapterís success is communication.  As president, I have tried to make sure that all members are kept informed.  All mem-

bers receive a copy of this newsletter, which is published four times each year.  We also use the luncheon flyers to provide up to date or breaking news.  The Chapter also maintains a website at: that is updated on a regular basis.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve communications, or any other aspect of Chapter activities, please let me know.  Thanks!

Reprinted for MOAA Website
It is extremely important that the home address data listed in DEERS is kept current because DEERS frequently sends out information about health benefits.  If DEERS attempts to mail you information and your address is incorrect, you will not receive this type of valuable information.
Problems also arise when DEERS is not notified of a change in the family status, such as marriage, divorce, birth or adoption.  TRICARE benefits may be denied because DEERS has not been updated to reflect a new spouse or child.  A claim may also be paid by mistake because DEERS has no record of divorce or death.  With an incorrectly paid claim, the government is required by law to request reimbursement, regardless of who is at fault.
Retirees (and active duty military members) may update DEERS information by: 
    * Going to the nearest military personnel office

    * E-mailing changes to;
    * Faxing changes to (831) 655-8317
    * Mailing changes to:

        DEERS Support Office
        ATTN: COA
        400 Gigling Road
        Seaside, CA 93955-6771

  * DEERS address changes may also be made on-line at

For more information, call the DEERS Support Office at its toll-free number: 1-800-538-9552


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