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June 2004
Published quarterly for the information of members of the NH Chapter of MOAA 
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Volume 25, No. 2

Submitted by John Graham
During the last week of March I represented the Chapter during the annual “Storming of the Hill” in Washington DC.  The theme for this year was “Eliminating the SBP Widows Tax”.  During the session I was able to meet with 3 out of 4 members of Congress from New Hampshire.

Rep. Bradley.  He is one of the original cosponsors of legislation to repeal the “ SBP Widows’ Tax.

Rep. Bass.  He was not very receptive to the idea of increasing the SBP pay out.  Said he will convene veterans meeting to discuss what the overall priorities for veterans’ issues should be.  His major concern appeared to be the cost of eliminating the SBP offset. All MOAA members who reside in Congressman Bass’s district should contact his office and urge that he support the elimination of the SBP offset.

Sen. Gregg.  Due to his schedule he was unavailable to meet with me at the time of our appointment.  His staffer acknowledged that the Senate Budget Resolution contained language calling for the repeal of the offset, but hinted that that was not a guarantee that the repeal would be enacted. In a letter dated 30 April the Senator said that should the proposed legislation “come before the full Senate for 

debate, I will keep your support in mind”.  Again, we need to continue to lobby Sen. Gregg on this important issue.

Sen. Sununu.  Was encouraging, but did not commit to signing on that day. However, he did sign on as a co-sponsor of the bill to repeal the offset on 7 April.


MOAA Travel
Submitted by John Graham
As a member of MOAA you have the opportunity to take advantage of some fantastic travel opportunities through MOAA Vacations.  They can be reached at or at 1-800-211-5107.  They also publish a quarterly brochure highlighting various travel opportunities.

Of particular interest are the special military rates available for select cruise lines. The average savings are 20-40% over the lowest priced rate available to the general public.  A recent example of the savings opportunity was a 12-day Royal Caribbean Panama Canal cruise.  The public price was $1,299 per person. While the military rate was $754 – a savings of over $500.

The current list of the cruises available under this program is available at or call the number listed above.

Chapter Officers
President LCDR Paul L. Bernard, USN (Ret) (603) 229-1334
Vice President LTC John A. Graham, USA (Ret) (603) 472-4637
Secretary MAJ Patricia A. Graham, USA (Ret) (603) 472-4637
Treasurer COL Richard L. Dennis, USMC (Ret) (603) 362-4981


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