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June 2003
Published peroidically for the information of NH Chapter of TROA members
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Volume 24, No. 2

DFAS Changes
A change in the location to send written correspondence to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) from Cleveland, Ohio, to London, Kentucky, has created some confusion among members of the military retiree community.

The confusion, according to officials, stems from the fact that many retirees and Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) annuitants think DFAS operations have actually moved from Cleveland to the Kentucky town.  This is not the case, but it has led to problems for both the employees in London, Kentucky, and in Cleveland.  The change created a new way of doing business which hasn't been fully explained. Here's how it works and what customers can do to ease the problems.

Pat Peek, Chief of the Retiree Services Branch in the Air Force Personnel Center, explained that the London, KY., location is simply a "mail drop" facility where retiree and survivor correspondence to DFAS is handled -- opened, sorted and filmed.  The Kentucky staff runs documents through a scanning/imaging machine so these important papers can be electronically transmitted to DFAS-Cleveland.  Since the documents arriving in London are in all sizes, shapes, and conditions, some are almost impossible to handle.

As a result of this imaging process, it's very important to send documents that have a certain level of consistency to the London KY handlers, said Mrs. Peek.  Her suggestions are not based on DFAS guidelines, but are her recommendations, based on years of experience with the transmittal of documents.  Types of documents that retirees and beneficiaries may have the need to transmit include marriage and death certificates, divorce decrees (and letters accompanying those documents), and even changes of address requests.

To help you obtain the greatest chance of having the documents you send to the DFAS mail center in Kentucky handled most efficiently:

  • Ensure documents being submitted are standard size (8.5 by 11 inches); make enlargements or reductions when necessary before mailing them;
  • Ensure documents are not brittle, fragile, torn or permanently creased because the imaging process uses ungentle, mechanical handling;
  • Ensure any notary or certification seal will be legible after the document completes the scanning/imaging process. If the seal is impressed or 
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