ID Cards
By Paul Bernard

So you are a surviving spouse who has received benefits under the TRICARE for Life (TFL) program, but your ID card has expired.  Your claim was initially denied because of the expired ID card, but than approved after a grace period was established.  There has been some confusion regarding the need to have a current ID card in order to be eligible for the TFL program.  Remember, the TFL program requires you to be 65 years or older, enrolled in Medicare Part B, and be enrolled in the DEERS program.  Enrollment in the DEERS program is accomplished by maintaining a current ID card.  If your ID is still expired after July 31, 2002, you will not be eligible for TFL benefits. 

ID cards may be renewed at any ID card issuing facility.  If you have access to the Internet, check the Rapids Site Locator at: to find the closest facility to you.  You can search for facilities that issue ID cards by city, state, zip code or by the name of the facility.  It will provide you with addresses and phone numbers of the nearest facilities.  Below is a list of the facilities in New Hampshire:

157 MSS Pease ANGB
(603) 430-3514
167 Support Group Londonderry
(603) 537-8060
AG HQ State Concord
(603) 225-1324
Berlin National Guard Armory
(603) 752-3153 x2007
NMCRC Manchester
(603) 537-8023
Portsmouth NSY
(207) 438-2208

It is strongly recommended that you call the facility before going to get a new ID card.  Some facilities have certain hours of operation or may be open only on certain days of the week.

Commissary Hours

The commissary at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is in Building 167, and is open the following times:

1000 – 1900
1000 – 1800
1000 – 1900
1000 – 1900
0900 – 1700
“Early Bird Shopping” is one hour prior to scheduled opening for 15 items or less.  If you have questions, you can contact the commissary at (207) 439-5532, extension 0; or by e-mail at:  When shopping in the commissary, there is a 5% surcharge mandated by Congress to pay for remodeling existing commissaries and for building new ones.

The commissary is one of our benefits for active duty and retired folks.  Take advantage of it!

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