By Bancroft McKittrick

The Annual Council and Chapter President’s Seminar sponsored by TROA National was held 10 – 12 April in Alexandria, VA.  The seminar has two primary functions:  (1) to facilitate a discussion of ideas among state and national TROA leaders, and (2) to demonstrate strong grassroots support for our most important legislative goals in our annual “Storming the Hill” event.  This year our “Storming the Hill” effort focused on persuading legislators to cosponsor or enact legislation to approve Concurrent Receipt of Military Retired and VA Disability Compensation, to increase the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) age-62 annuity, and to budget for Military Pay Comparability.

LCDR Paul Bernard, USN (Ret.), Vice President of TROA-NH attended the seminar on behalf of our chapter.  He was successful in meeting both Senator Smith and Congressman Sununu and met with the staff of Senator Gregg and Congressmen Bass. Senator Smith and Congressman Sununu are supportive of TROA’s legislative agenda and goals.  Although it was unfortunate Paul could not meet with Senator Gregg and Congressmen Bass, he conveyed to their staff TROA-NH’s request for support of TROA’s legislative agenda and goals.  A frequent comment by the Senators and Congressmen’s staff was that TROA had a very effective lobbying campaign and our concerted calling, letter writing and e-mailing campaigns made a significant impact on our congressional delegations.  Now the real work is in our follow-up to keep our legislators, both federal and state, focused on TROA’s legislative agenda and goals.

Vice President Bernard attended the Council and Chapter President’s Seminar the day following “Storming the Hill.”  It was a great opportunity to gain an understanding about how other chapters face the same challenges we do in recruiting and retention, raising money for Scholarship Funds, developing local and state legislative agendas, supporting an on-going Luncheon/Social Program, community involvement and finding sufficient volunteers to maintain chapter leadership.  Vice President Bernard can 

say, with the utmost confidence, that your TROA-NH Chapter is a leader in TROA National in the way we conduct chapter affairs and support the members of our chapter.  Vice President Bernard reported that LtGen. Mike Nelson, USAF (Ret.), President of TROA National addressed the Council and Chapter President’s Seminar and the big topic was the TROA organization’s name change.  A big concern was the name – retired – many military officers felt they were not eligible to become TROA members since they were not officially retired.  The new proposed name for our organization is the Military Officer Association of America - MOAA.  The vote for this recommended name change will be in August and LtGen. Nelson encourages everyone to vote – one way or the other.  The ballot for voting will be attached to the August issue of the TROA Magazine. 
As we approach summer, there are a number of activities, e.g. The m/s Mt. Washington Cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee (22 June), the Annual Clambake (3 August) at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, a Retiree Activities Day (24 August) at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and a trip to Colonial Williamsburg and the Tidewater area of Virginia (5-11 October) that I invite you to join with us.  Also, I would ask your continued support of our Scholarship Program.

As always, I look forward to working with you to continue to build on our success and to proudly serve in our TROA -NH Chapter.

Semper fi

Name Change
Reprinted from TROA Web Site
In February 2002, after two years of research and study, TROA's Board of Directors elected to propose to the members the changing of the association's name to the Military Officers Association of America. Many alternatives were considered, including keeping TROA, but this name rose to the top among those surveyed because it expresses the association's values and clearly defines whom it serves and what it does. TROA officials will administer the vote through ballots sent with the August edition of The Retired Officer Magazine. They ask that all members keep informed on this issue through the magazine and the Web Base (

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