The Granite Slate
NH Counties

June 2002
Published peroidically for the information of NH Chapter of TROA members
P.O. Box 712, Dover, NH 03820
Volume 23, No. 3

TRICARE Supplement
By Paul Bernard
Recently, a Chapter member asked if I could find out why the TRICARE supplement was not available in New Hampshire.  This is the MEDIPLUS supplement endorsed by TROA and advertised in the Retired Officer magazine for those members under 65 years of age.  I promptly sent an e-mail to the benefits department at TROA and received the following response from Jane A. Symionow, Assistant Director, Contract Services & Marketing (Insurance):

The Compliance Department at Hartford Life Insurance Company, the MEDIPLUS underwriter, recently performed an audit and found that there were outstanding objections to TROA's TRICARE Supplement policy raised by the New Hampshire State Insurance Department. Most of the objections were based on regulations Hartford believes are applicable to employer-provided health insurance and not TRICARE Supplements. In the past they have tried to reach an understanding with the Insurance Department and even made some concessions on provisions not normally included in a TRICARE Supplement policy. Unfortunately, in the end however, New Hampshire would still not grant approval. Although Hartford was forced to stop accepting new 

enrollments in the TRICARE Supplements, current insureds can maintain their coverage.

We have asked that Hartford re-file the MEDIPLUS TRICARE Supplement policy in New Hampshire with the hopes that possible changes in personnel or regulation interpretations at the State Insurance Department may lead to approval.  Until all objections are resolved and the policy is approved, Hartford cannot issue any new TROA MEDIPLUS TRICARE Supplements in New Hampshire. 

So it appears that if you already have the supplement, there is no problem.  As long as you maintain the supplement it should remain in effect.  If, however, you don’t have the supplement and want to purchase it, you can’t.  At least not until Hartford and the NH Department of Insurance can resolve the outstanding objections.  As more information becomes available, it will be reported.

Happy Birthday
For those of you who were not able to attend our last luncheon at the Indian Head Resort, you missed an opportunity to wish Dick Winslow a happy birthday.  He recently celebrated his 98th!  Happy Birthday!

Chapter Officers

President Col R. Bancroft McKittrick, USMC (Ret) (603) 432-1164
Vice President LCDR Paul L. Bernard, USN (Ret) (603) 229-1334
Secretary MAJ Patricia A. Graham, USA (Ret) (603) 472-4637
Treasurer LT Arnold C. Sayer, USAF (Ret) (603) 763-2057

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