The Granite Slate
NH Counties

February 2002
Published peroidically for the information of NH Chapter of TROA members
P.O. Box 712, Dover, NH 03820
Volume 23, No. 1

Scholarship Applications Due
Submitted by Cal Hosmer

Currently, the Chapter is providing ten students with scholarship loans, two of whom will complete their studies this spring.  The other eight are expected to apply for new loans for the next academic year.

Due to the generosity of Chapter members during the year 2000, donations exceeded expectations so that the Scholarship Committee was able to raise the amount of the loans from $1,250.00 to $1,500.00 per student per year.  Donations for the year 2001 also have been “over the top.”  Consequently, the $1,500 loans are likely to continue.

The Chapter’s Scholarship Program is available to children and grandchildren of Chapter members.  No interest is charged, and repayment will not begin until six months after completion of studies.   The repayment rate is 1/50th of the loan per month.

Chapter members who would like more information or an application form should contact COL Cal Hosmer at (207) 363-2396 or write to him at P.O. Box 175, York, ME 03909-0175.  His e-mail address is:  Completed applications for the next academic year should be mailed so that reach him no later than June 15, 2002.

Guest Speakers Wanted
By Ron James

Speaker We are still looking for Chapter members who would enjoy sharing their military experiences with high school students via an assembly forum. Those of you who were part of historic military events have a great deal to share with today’s youth.  Because you were “there” you have credibility and a perspective that most teachers cannot convey.  In today’s electronic world, many of our children and grandchildren are learning history from the movies.  Although the Hollywood productions are entertaining, they frequently lack technical accuracy and exchange realism for sensationalism. 

If you are willing to step up to the plate and share your experiences, please contact Ron James by phone at (603) 279-4530; by letter to: 20 High Street, Meredith, NH 03253; or by  e-mail at:  Also, if you have any friends who are not TROA members but who might like to participate, please give Ron their name and phone number so he can contact them directly.  Thanks.

Chapter Officers

President Col R. Bancroft McKittrick, USMC (Ret) (603) 432-1164
Vice President LCDR Paul L. Bernard, USN (Ret) (603) 229-1334
Secretary MAJ Patricia A. Graham, USA (Ret) (603) 472-4637
Treasurer LT Arnold C. Sayer, USAF (Ret) (603) 763-2057

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