President’s Corner
By John Graham
As I complete my first year as President of your New Hampshire Chapter of The Military Officers’ Association of America, I would like to focus on 3 keys to our success for this past year, and items I feel are critical to our continued success. 

The first key is recruitment. While your Board of Directors has worked on recruiting this year, the results are not as strong as I would have liked.  I need your help in recruiting during the coming months, my goal will be to recruit at least 100 new members for our Chapter. 

MOAA is effective in proposing and supporting legislation to protect our retiree benefits, in part, because of the significant size and voice of MOAA National.  Continuing MOAA-NH membership recruitment and growth allows us to play an important role by getting the attention of the New Hampshire Congressional delegation and urging their support for veteran’s issues in Congress.  For example, MOAA-NH lobbied our Congressional representatives to support the repeal of the SBP offset, an effort that finally saw fruits this year. So, with your help and continuing support, our Chapter will remain proactive in recruitment and growing our membership, which in turn, will support our national and state legislative agendas.

The second key is supporting our legislative agenda.  On our BOD, the National Legislative Representative is Peter Burdett and our State Legislative Representative is Bob Introne.  Be assured both gentlemen do an outstanding job in monitoring legislative issues that affect retiree, as well as, active duty members.  The primary focus of Peter Burdett is to encourage our membership to support Congressional legislation that provides for military retiree benefits.  As I mentioned, repeal of the SBP offset is a prime example of our legislative team at work.  Bob Introne looks after our interests at the state level. Whether this be increases in the veterans’ property tax credit or increased state benefits to our National Guard personnel. Again, your chapter is taking the lead, through our two BOD representatives in supporting our legislative agenda by direct contacts with our Congressional and state representatives and in encouraging our membership to contact our Congressional and state representatives to support and vote for our legislative agenda.

The third key is the viability of Chapter programs. Chapter programs provide our membership the opportunity to meet in a different setting throughout the state of New Hamp-

shire, visit old friends and meet new ones, and listen to some distinguished luncheon speakers.  Again, your chapter has an outstanding Program Committee because of the superb leadership of Michael McLean.  Michael is always looking for places to hold our luncheon meetings and identifying future luncheon speakers.  In fact, Michael has our luncheon programs already lined up for next year. Of note, attendance at our Annual Clambake this year was over 400. Our Chapter programs continue to be a vital part of our chapter activities. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your superb support to me during the past year as your MOAA-NH President.  It has been a truly rewarding experience to be associated with you, the outstanding members of our Chapter.  I know that I can count on the same continuing support in the coming year. My emphasis for the coming year will be on recruitment, supporting our legislative goals and our Chapter programs, since they are important to the future health and vitality of our Chapter.

John A. Graham

Volunteer Needed
Our chapter, like many other non-profit organizations, relies on the efforts of volunteers to meet its goals.  The chapter officers, board members, committee members, and other volunteers donate their time and effort to ensure that the chapter has a vital meeting program, scholarship fund, liaison with the congressional delegations, etc. 

At the present time, the board is looking for a volunteer to take over as the editor of The Granite Slate.  It is published four times each year using Microsoft Publisher 2000, and it generally takes 6 to 8 hours to prepare each  publication.  Sometimes articles are provided to the editor for publication, and other times the editor must write the articles.

The current editor has been publishing The Granite Slate for approximately 6 years, and has agreed to continue until the September 2006 publication is printed.  This schedule will allow a new volunteer the opportunity to assist in a few publications before taking over as editor.  If a new volunteer wishes to take over as editor earlier than September 2006, that will work out also.

Another possibility would be if a few people wanted to work together to publish The Granite Slate as a collaborative effort.

If you are willing to step up to the plate, or have an interest but do not want to commit just yet, please contact John Graham or Paul Bernard.


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