State Legislation

Some of the proposed legislation that will be before the State Legislature this year includes: 

HB 1254-FN:  an act granting certain disabled veterans an exemption from State education property taxes; 

HB 1260:  an act naming the new Route 9 bridge over the Connecticut River between New Hampshire and Vermont the United States Navy Seabees Bridge; 

HB 1372: an act defining terms related to military service; 

HB 1189-FN-Local:  an act increasing the property tax credit for service-connected total disability; 

HB 1378-FN-A: an act relative to New Hampshire service medals for veterans of World War II, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam Conflict and making an appropriation therefore; 

HB 1207-FN-A: an act relative to an Operation Iraqi Freedom service bonus payment; 

HB 1276-FN:  an act establishing Bronze and Silver Star number license plates; 

HB 1302:  an act relative to rental contracts or leases entered into by individuals who re subsequently are called to service in the armed forces; 

HB 1331:  an act allowing recipients of the National Defense Service Medal to be eligible for the veteransí property tax credit; 

HB1333-Local:  an act extending the veteransí property tax credit to all honorably discharged veterans. 

The full text of these House bills can be viewed at:  When this information was gathered, the Senate bills had not been posted on the Stateís website yet.  If you feel strongly about any of these bills, you should contact your representative in the Legislature and let your feelings be known.

By Paul L. Bernard

MOAA recently addressed the issue of who can join a chapter in its publication entitled The Affiliate.  Each chapter is an independent organization that is affiliated with the national association.  Consequently, each chapter is free to adopt by-laws or rules governing membership criteria.  Our chapter accepts as members individuals who are, or have been, commissioned or warrant officers in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, USPHS, and NOAA, including the reserve components of these services.  We also have Auxiliary members, spouses of deceased individuals who were eligible for regular membership in the chapter.  Also, the Board of Directors can grant honorary membership in recognition of an individualís service to the nation, chapter or retired officer community. 

If you know of someone considering membership in the chapter, please pass this information along.  We are trying to dispel the myth that you must be ďretiredĒ to join. 

On a similar topic, the Board of Directors is developing a gift certificate for membership.  The concept is that a member will be able to give someone else a one-year membership in the chapter.  This will put that individual on the mailing list for all newsletters and program announcements, and make their children and/or grandchildren eligible for a scholarship loan.  If they have not been a member of the national organization before, they also should receive a one-year free membership in MOAA.  This will make a great, inexpensive gift. 

Once the details of the gift certificate program are worked out and approved by the Board, we will post the information on the chapterís web site at:

Volunteer Needed
As a non-profit organization, the Chapter relies heavily on the volunteer efforts of members.  Gene Paquette serves as the Chapterís liaison with Martinís Point, and we are looking for someone to serve as his alternate in that capacity.  If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Gene at (603) 742-7031. 


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