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CDR John Brown, USN (Ret)
Spouse:  Becky
Swanzey, NH
CAPT Lawrence Brudnicki, USCG (Ret)
Spouse:  Carol Lee
Sunapee, NH
CDR Thomas Bush, Jr., USN (Ret)
Center Harbor, NH
CW3 David Frank, USA (Ret)
Spouse:  L.A.
Hudson, NH
MAJ James Pitts, USA (Ret)
Spouse:  Sheila
Franklin, NH

ID Cards (correction)
By Paul Bernard
In the last edition I reported phone numbers for the New Hampshire facilities that can issue military ID cards.  I obtained the phone numbers form the web site: http://www.dmdc.osd.mil/rsl/  which listed two numbers for the Londonderry Reserve Unit.  Only one phone number will connect you with the correct person:  (603) 537-8060.  An appointment is required.  I apologize for any confusion or problems this error may have caused.

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