By Bancroft McKittrick

This summer has been an exciting one for the Chapter.  A number of events have occurred, as follows:

The Chapter was awarded Outstanding 1st Runner Up Chapter in the “Large” category for TROA chapters nationally for CY 2001 (a tie with the Ark-La-Tex (LA)).  The “Large” category is designated for chapters with 900 + members.  Col Jim Pauls, USAF, (Ret), Deputy Director of Council and Chapter Affairs at TROA Headquarters will attend our Chapter Clambake with his wife, Marvella, on August 3rd and present our Chapter the Outstanding 1st Runner Up Award.  Recognition for an award of this significance is a credit to your Board of Directors of TROA-NH who, day in and day out, are taking care of the many tasks and responsibilities of their assigned committees and you, the members of TROA-NH.  TROA National evaluates all aspects of the Chapter to determine the winners in each category, which is decided by chapter size.  TROA-NH will receive a $250.00 check for the Chapter’s Scholarship Fund for receiving the Outstanding 1st Runner Up Award.  Well done and thank you to all!

The second event is you will soon be receiving your copy of the August issue of "The Retired Officer Magazine." Wrapped around the cover will be a ballot asking for your approval to change our name to Military Officers Association of America. I believe most members are in favor of the name change, but it takes a majority of the votes cast in order for this initiative to pass, so your vote counts!  Please, complete and return the ballot that will be attached to your August magazine. Or you can vote on-line, starting July 24th at  If you decide to vote on-line, you will need your cover-wrap from the August magazine.  It includes your membership number and a special PIN number that will verify your membership eligibility.  If you need more information on the name change please visit:

The third event is our Chapter’s Annual Clambake at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Our Clambake, to be held on Saturday, 3 August, has over 300 attendees signed up,

thus far, and we look forward to a great time of socializing, good food and a great day.  Hats off to Don Holroyd and the many volunteers who will assist in putting the Clambake together and help raise money to support our Chapter Scholarship Fund.

A Retired Activities Day is scheduled at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on 24 August 2002.  This is a terrific opportunity to update wills, correct administrative information in your service file and find out the latest retiree news.  If you go, please stop by the TROA-NH table and greet our Chapter members, led by Ed Warfield, who will be encouraging qualified retirees to join our chapter.

Our Chapter programs continue to be an important part of our Chapter activities.  If you have not attended a luncheon, please join us at the next one on September 28th at The Grand Summit, Bartlett, NH.  Mr. Bryan Yeaton will, no doubt, provide another outstanding presentation on his bicycle trip across the US.

I look forward to our new year, which starts with our Annual Meeting in November, and I will continue, with your support, to emphasize the issues that are important to the continued growth and vitality of our Chapter.

Semper fi

Advisory Committee
Last year, the NH Legislature created a committee to review the status of veterans in New Hampshire.  That committee consisted of Legislators and they sought input and ideas from the various veterans groups throughout the State.  Our Chapter had representative at most, if not all of the committee meetings last year.  One of the recommendations that came out of that committee, was to reconstitute and revitalize the State Veterans Advisory Committee that is required by RSA 115-A:2, VI.  The Legislators were successful in amending the State statute and the first organizational meeting of the new State Veterans Advisory Committee was held on July 17, 2002.  TROA is one of the 10 veterans groups with a representative on the Committee.  Paul Bernard is the primary representative and Pete Burdett is the alternate.  Our next meeting is scheduled for September 9, 2002, where we plan to develop the Committee’s mission statement.

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