By Paul Bernard
Our Chapter’s TOPS (TROA’s Officer Placement Service) representative is James LeFebvre.  TOPS provides various resources for officers making the transition from the uniformed service to civilian employment.  If you have questions about TOPS or would like to meet with James after one of our luncheons, you can contact him by e-mail at: lefebvrej@fmmc, If you want to contact James and do not have access to e-mail, his address is BLDG 230, 126 Forest Circle, Fort Meyer, VA 22211-5050, and his phone number is (703) 696-8334. 

Internet Website
Computer The Chapter’s internet website has moved!  It now can be found at  You can keep track of upcoming events, reports of past luncheons, members’ e-mail addresses, legislative actions affecting veterans and much more.  Additionally, our intrepid webmaster has recently added the newsletter to the site.  While you are on the internet, don’t forget to visit the national TROA site at:   Happy web surfing! 

Welcome Aboard !




LCOL Richard L. Ellwood, USAR (Ret) 
Spouse:  Jacqueline 

LT David Moran, USN (Ret) 
Spouse:  Lise 

COL Ted Kehr, USA 
Spouse:  Margaret (Molly) 

LCOL Richard Juve, USA (Ret) 
Spouse:  Ruth 

Mrs. Shirley Hillery, USAF 


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