Expired ID Cards
Reprinted from Military Retirees Newsletter
Hanscom Air Force Base
A grace period (until 31 July 2002) has been established for those individuals who were denied TFL based on an expired ID card. All such claims on behalf of an otherwise eligible beneficiary are automatically being reprocessed. However, beneficiaries are required to have their ID card renewed and eligibility restored prior to 1 August 2002. ID cards may be renewed at any ID card issuing facility. For information on the one closest to you, call DEERS at 1-800-538-9522. Those who need assistance with obtaining an ID card such as those who are home bound or confined to a nursing home should call Captain Love at the RAO, 781-377-2476, Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts.

Reprinted from Military Retirees Newsletter
Hanscom Air Force Base
New Hampshire and Maine Retirees are reminded about the services available to them through the Retiree Affairs Office at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Temporarily located in the Shipyard commissary, the office is open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1000-1400, telephone is (207) 438-1868. Major General Homer A. Johnson, Jr. USAR, Retired is filling in for the Director Captain John R. Wheeler, USN Retired until April. Drop into the office while visiting the commissary located at 167 Beaumont St at the shipyard. Commissary operating hours are 1000-1900 on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 1000-1800 on Wednesday, 0900-1700 on Saturday and closed on Sunday and Monday.

Veterans’ Plates
As you know, New Hampshire is now issuing the long-awaited “Veterans’ License Plate” although there have been a few glitches.  The law authorizing the plate, as passed by the Legislature, requires the veteran to present a copy of his or her DD 214 at the time the license plate is renewed, as well as paying a one-time additional fee.  For those who retired before there was a Department of Defense, this presents a problem as you will not have a DD

214. Dennis Viola, Director of the State’s Veterans Council has worked with the Department of Safety to identify other documents that prove a person is a veteran and the Legislature is in the process of revising the statute.  The problem should be corrected soon, if not done so already.  Unfortunately, as we understand the fix, a retired military ID card is not one of the documents that will be accepted to prove that  you are a veteran.

    Scholarship LoansBooks
                    By Paul L. Bernard

Just a friendly reminder that Ray Helgemoe and Cal Hosmer continue to solicit donations for the Scholarship Loan program.  This program offers interest-free loans of $1,500 per academic year to children and grandchildren of members to help defray the cost of a college education.  If the student maintains a high grade point average, some or all of the loan may be forgiven.  Repayment begins six months after leaving school.
Members wishing to donate to this worthwhile cause, or who would like additional information or an application, should contact the Scholarship Committee Chairman, COL Calvin Hosmer, by mail at P.O. Box 175, York, ME 03909, by phone at (207) 363-2396, or by e-mail at HosmerIII@aol.com.  Your continued support will make it possible for our members’ children and grandchildren to obtain the education that they will need for success.

Annual Clambake

Our Chapter will be sponsoring its 18th annual Clambake in August.  The success of this event has not gone unnoticed by the National TROA organization or by Chapters in adjoining States.  Recently, Chapter President Bancroft McKittrick was contacted by the folks in the Fort Devens Chapter, asking if they could have a few members attend to see how we “do it.”   There already has been some interest expressed by the Congressional staffs, and we usually have a TROA National representative or two at the Clambake. Also, since 1998, the Green Mountain Chapter (Vermont) has been invited.  If you have not been to the Chapter’s Clambake in the past—start now to make plans to attend on August 3, 2002!

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