Information for the Community

Provided courtesy of the New Hampshire Reserve Officers Association

Thank you for supporting our troops…

I have compiled this guide which provides online and local resources for those seeking information or wanting to provide care packages, etc. for deployed troops. This is only a guide – there are many other sources available through national organizations like the Red Cross and the USO.

If there are any suggestions or comments on this guide, please send them to me and I will update it.

At the bottom of this flyer there is a general list of items you can send overseas or bring to the package coordinators for shipment.

Thank you for supporting our troops. Their morale is greatly enhanced when you send them items from home. It shows we care!


David J Kenney 
President – NH ROA 
Ph: (603) 585-3353 

Military/Military Support Information  This is one of the best sites for information about anything military. Includes extensive information on pay, benefits, assistance, contacts, etc. as well as links to all the troop support organizations.

Telephone Cards

DoD has now authorized the military exchange system to sell calling cards to the general public for the purpose of sending them to soldiers overseas. These cards are the best option as they offer the best per/minute rates and there are no surcharges to use them from overseas locations so the soldier/sailor gets the maximum benefit from the card.

Website to purchase:

The VFW also runs an excellent phone card donation program. Info is below. 

Operation Uplink, VFW Foundation National Headquarters 

406 West 34th Street, Suite 718 
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: (816) 756-3390 Fax: (816) 968-1129 

Gift Certificates for Military Exchange/Commissary

AAFES has also authorized to allow the public to purchase food coupons/gift certificates for troops families in need of assistance while their spouses are deployed. These coupons can be purchased and sent to any soldier/sailor where they can be used in military exchanges anywhere in the world. These are a great value and directly benefit the troops. To purchase, go to the website below:

Gift Certificate program:

Operation Dear Abby



In 1967, Sgt. Billy Thompson wrote Abigail Van Buren asking for a Christmas present for our service members -- "Just a letter from home," American citizens have been sending their best wishes to the troops every holiday season. "Operation Dear Abby," has brought joy to hundreds of thousands of U.S. military personnel deployed away from home around the world.

Concerns about regular mail delivery have prompted the military to suspend the letter-writing campaign...

 However, Dear Abby, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Department of the Navy's LifeLines2000 Services Network in association with SPAWAR SCC (National Capital Region) is providing this private and secure online resource that will allow you to send a Sailor, Marine, Soldier, Airman, or Coast Guardsman a holiday greeting or message of support. 

How It Works:

Supporters send messages to our service members. Service members with internet access may read those messages via 'OperationDearAbby.Net'. Service members without internet access may still read messages via Company commanders that have internet access have the ability to download bulk messages to be printed and distributed according to service branch and location.

Other areas to Help

Army Relief Society

Navy Marine Corps Relief
Air Force Aid Society
Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

Fisher House

Supporting families of veterans who are recovering in military hospitals.

Fisher House Foundation, Inc.
1401 Rockville Pike, Suite 600 Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: (301) 294-8560 or toll-free (888) 294-8560
Fax: (301) 294-8562


"Operation USO Care Package"
Delivers Needed Items and Personal Messages to Service Members
Deployed Overseas
You, Too, Can Show a Service Member You Care

With thousands of U.S. troops deployed around the world, still actively engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom and the fight against terrorism, the United Service Organizations (USO) is offering a unique way for individuals and corporations to let our nation's defenders know we haven't forgotten them. "Operation USO Care Package," sponsored by the USO World Headquarters and administered by the USO of Metropolitan Washington (USO-Metro), enables individuals to write a personal message and financially support care packages that will be delivered to service members participating in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Because of heightened security, individuals can no longer send letters and packages to 'Any Service Member.' Operation USO Care Package is approved by the Department of Defense, providing a safe, easy way for individuals and corporations to show their prayers and thoughts are with our men and women in uniform.

Corporations may also contribute to this program through financial contributions, items donated in bulk for the care packages, or through implementation of an employee participation program. AT&T is a major supporter of this program, providing a complimentary toll free number for individuals to call for further information (1-866-USO-GIVE) and donating thousands of prepaid international phone cards to be included in the packages for the troops. "Our men and women in uniform give so much to the country, we wanted to give something in return as a token of our appreciation that would allow their separation from their loved ones to be a little easier," according to Paul McQuillan, Defense Sales Vice President, AT&T Government Solutions.

"These Care Packages help the USO bring a touch of home to our men and women in uniform," said Edward A. Powell, President and CEO of USO World Headquarters. The care packages contain an assortment of items the military have specifically requested, such as prepaid international calling cards, disposable cameras, toiletries, and sunscreen. They also include greetings from the American public, transcribed onto official

"Operation USO Care Package" post cards by volunteers and USO staff members.

"Operation USO Care Package will continue for as long as our country is at war," according to Elaine Rogers, USO-Metro President. "This program is possible because of the support from individuals, corporations and organizations that donate funds to sponsor these care packages."

Individuals and corporations can learn more about how to get involved and support "Operation USO Care Package" through donations of product or funds, by calling 866-USO-GIVE.


  • Individuals may donate $25, which goes toward sponsorship of an "Operation USO Care Package." Personal greetings may be forwarded to our post office box with the contribution. USO will transcribe the message onto an official "Operation USO Care Package" postcard, available for preview here.
  • Corporations may make a tax-deductible financial donation to support "Operation USO Care Package." A $25 donation goes toward sponsorship of one care package. Each care package will recognize corporate sponsors.
  • Corporations may donate items listed on the "Service Members’ Wish List" to USO-Metro, many of which may be branded with your corporate logo. These items must be sent in bulk from the manufacturer. Please call (703) 696-2628 for advance coordination of deliveries.
Corporations may delegate an employee to serve as its "Operation USO Care Package" liaison. The liaison will communicate your corporate involvement and enlist employees to participate. Employee participants could sponsor an individual care package, which would include their personal message. Corporations interested in participating in this option or willing to match their employees’ support should call (703) 696-2628 for further information.

Please send all checks and personal greetings for "Operation USO Care Package" to:
USO-Operation USO Care Package
C/O Pentagon Federal Credit Union
P.O. Box 19221
Alexandria, VA 22320-9998

Due to the threat of anthrax following September 11, DoD suspended its practice of forwarding personal care packages and correspondence by the American public to "Any Service Member." In its place, USO created a care package program. Through sponsorship of an "Operation USO Care Package," an individual’s personal greeting will be transcribed onto an official postcard and included in the care package going to a service member.

New Hampshire Troop Care Package Coordinators

Armed Forces Reserve Center:


POC: Chief Stan Emerick
         64 Harvey Road
         Suite 101 
         Londonderry, NH 03053 
         (603) 537-8014
167th RSG
POC: SSGT Martin D. Alexander
         64 Harvey Road
         Londonderry, NH 03053 
         (603) 537-8065 

Direct Ship to Troops: (Boxed with customs form filled out)

"Any Soldier"
167th Corps Support Group 
Camp Speicher 
APO, AE 09393
368th Eng Battalion
POC: SFC Cloutier/MSGT Henning
         64 Harvey Road
         Londonderry, NH 03053 
         (603) 537-8015
Suggested items:

Bottom line: All packages must be able to fit inside a USPS mailbag (orange bag). 

In order to accomplish this the mail must meet no more than the following dimensions: 
42 inches...72 inches length and girth combined 
Over 42 in. To 44 in.....24 in girth 
Over 44 in to 46 in.....20 in girth 
Over 46 in to 48 in....16 in girth 
Maximum length 48 in or 4 foot 
This does not apply to registered mail and official government mail marked "MOM" (military official mail).


LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE, Va. (AFPN) -- U.S. officials with Joint Task Force Southwest Asia would like to remind people about restrictions on items mailed to U.S. forces in the area. Items with religious symbols from any faith other than Islam aren't allowed, officials said. This includes Santa Claus and any religious or secular item related to Hanukah or Christmas. Officials advise family and friends not to send gifts wrapped in holiday-themed paper, even if they are enclosed in plain paper, customs officials will confiscate them. Mailers should also watch out for holiday themed stamps and Christmas Seals.

Food Items
Pack small cookies into Pringles
cans or sturdy plastic containers for mailing.
Don't send chewy homemade
cookies. They contain too much
moisture and will go bad while in
the mail.
If you do bake your own cookies
let them cool until they are warm
but not hot. Wrap them two at a
time, back to back, in small pieces
of tin foil. Pack them in the
smallest box possible. Fill the rest
of the box with unsalted,
unbuttered popcorn to keep the
moisture down.
• Crackers and Easy Cheese. Triscuits 
and Ritz crackers are great. 
• Potted meat and crackers. 
(remember to send plastic knives 
for spreading) 
• Cup 'o Noodles soups (made with 
hot water) 
Dry cereal. The small, individual 
serving boxes stay very fresh. 
Bowl Appetite dinners (made with 
hot water). These are great! 
Instant oatmeal or grits. (made 
with hot water) 
Pop tarts. There are some funky 
flavors out there too. 
• Microwave popcorn. Send quite a 
few of these, because it gets 
passed around. 
• Small cans of fruit (i.e. Del Monte
mixed fruit, peaches, etc.) 
• Applesauce, pudding or fruit cups 
with the pop-off lids. 
• Raisins and trail mix. 
• All kinds of candy, but chocolate 
bars may melt. Pick M&M’s, 
licorice, hard candy or jelly beans 
• Granola bars, energy bars, protein 
• Pepperoni sticks, beef jerky, 
crackers, peanuts. 
• Herbal tea, instant coffee or hot 
chocolate mix 
• Little Debbie snack cakes 
• Lunchables! Many varieties that 
don't have to be refrigerated. 
• Pre-packaged brownies 
• Licorice 
• Bubble gum/Chewing Gum 
• Snack mixes-Chex Mix, Gardetto's 
Cashews, peanuts, etc. 
• Pretzels 
• Rice Krispie Treats 
• Goldfish crackers 
• Small microwave dinners in cups. 
(These aren't as heavy as canned 
and they're very quick and easy.)
Non-Food Items
• Room freshener (aromatherapy 
scents for stress relief) 
• Batteries (AA, D Cell) 
• Tapes/CD's 
• Stamps 
• Paper and Envelopes 
• Pre-paid phone cards 
• Playing Cards 
• Magazines (New or Used) (No 
nudity, please) 
• Books (New or Used) 
• Videos/DVDs (No X-rated) 
• Travel Games 
• Pens/Pencils 
• Sun block 
• Personal Hygiene Items 
(disposable razors, chapstick, 
toothbrush/paste, medicated foot 
powder or creams, shampoo, 
conditioner, after shave lotion, 
soap or body wash, mouth wash, 
• Blank cards with envelopes 
• Baby Wipes 
• Disposable cameras 
• Laundry soap (the tablets work 
well for mailing) 
• Dryer sheets 
• Pre-sweetened, powdered drink 
• A small sewing kit 
• A stain remover stick 
mixes (Gatorade, Kool-Aid, etc.) 
• Local newspapers 
• Hand held video games 
• Gel insoles 
• T-shirts, underwear and socks 
• Sachets (for their lockers) 
• Glade Stick-Ups 
• Blanket from home. 
• A good sheet set 
• A big fluffy towels 
• Febreeze 
• Toilet paper 
• A small battery operated fan 
• Eye drops 
• CD/DVD disk cleaning kit 
• Eyeglass cleaner wipes.

Items for Iraqi Children

These items are used by the troops to pass out to the local children. These help greatly to build a repore with the Iraqi locals and demonstrate the helpfulness our troops are known for.
• Shoes (used OK/sneakers too) 
• Soccer Balls 
• Frisbees 
• Small toys 
• Child sunglasses (Hot item) 
• Potato stix (small cans) 
• Bubble gum/Chewing Gum 
• Snack mixes-Chex Mix, Gardetto's 
Cashews, peanuts, etc. 
• Pretzels 
• Rice Krispie Treats 
• Goldfish crackers