Revised March 6, 2007

    The purpose of this bibliography is to provide the reader with a selected list of books that I have utilized frequently in a counseling role, as well as providing the client with my unvarnished assessment of their worth.  Feedback on the list’s utility is always encouraged, and may result in revisions for future clients.  While there are many quality resume writing books in print, I have de-emphasized this part of the listing, as most of you will find new careers not through your brilliantly written resumes, but by your networking and interviewing skills.  Finally, I have added a section on materials that I can send to you by e-mail, including Tough Interview Questions, SES Guide, and the Senior Workshop Power-Point Slides.

General Career/Jobs

1.    What Color is Your Parachute?  Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, CA (   This book is one of the classics, with new editions produced annually.  The 2006 version has been substantially revised, so if you have not read this classic in several years, or have never read it, I would strongly encourage you to do so. Clearly worth the study time, especially for individuals who are just beginning the career search plan and process, and are not yet sure of their short, intermediate and long term goals.
2.    Rites of Passage – Guide for Executive Job Changing – This book is the best of the one volume “solutions” to career change that I have read since beginning with the ACAP project in 1991. I highly recommend this book to all persons looking to break into the private sector’s executive suites.  Excellent discussion on Internet usage sets it apart.  This book’s intended audience is those individuals who are clearly looking for $100,000 and more in salary in benefits, and who are already fairly certain of their short, intermediate and long term goals. Vice Roy Press, copyright 2003.
3.    Do What You Are – Career search is much more than just the highest salary and best benefits package – will you find happiness?  “Do what you love, the money will follow”!!!  Little, Brown and Company, Boston, MA.  Copyright 2001.
4.    Best Jobs for the 21st century (2nd Ed) – Another excellent research tool, especially beneficial for individuals who are having difficulty in determining how they can transfer what they know how to do and like to do, to the qualifications and requirements of the private sector. Jist Works, Indianapolis, IN   copyright 2001.
5.    The Directory of Executive Recruiters – A great resource for those who desire to use executive recruiters as an element of their job search.  Annually updated by Kennedy Information.
1.    Resume Almanac – Good set of sample resumes, organized by career/job areas.  Adams Media Corporation, Holbrook, MA
2.    Best Resumes for $100,000 + Jobs – For executives looking for six figure income, a solid reference work.  Impact Publications, Manassas Park, VA.  Copyright? (
1.    Men’s and Women’s Dress for Success – Two classics in the field, some believe they are a bit antiquated, but they are still among the best.  Remember, the initial impression of the potential employer is formed early, and appearance is a key in that appraisal.
2.    Job Interview Almanac – Provides the reader with a wide variety of questions, information on how to answer them, and sample interviews for selected occupational fields.  Adams Media Corporation, Holbrook, MA.
3.    Dynamite Salary Negotiations – A solid reference source for general information regarding issues that normally cause military personnel a degree of discomfort. Also listed in salary, benefits and investing section below.   Impact Publications.
4.    101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions – Good resource for understanding the interviewing game, how to address the hidden agenda of the interviewer, and answer the “question behind the question”.  Ron Fry is the author, Career Press publisher.
5.    201 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview – Focuses on the fact that the interview is a two way street, and helps the interviewee understand that the interviewer wants to get to know you, and has concerns that you can help address by working with the interviewer.  John Kador is the author, McGraw Hill is the publisher.
Salary, Benefits and Investing
1.    The American Almanac of Jobs and Salaries – One of several good research sources for information on salaries around the country.  Regional and state information is available on line or from various state employment offices.
2.    Dynamite Salary Negotiations – See above listing.
3.    You’re Fifty – Now What? – As you start the second half of your life, a sound investment plan, with the necessary resources to carry it out, can dramatically enhance your “comfort” level.  Crown Business, Crown Publishing Group, Nee York, copyright 2001.
Business Startup/Planning
1.    Complete Business Plan – Solid reference source and good samples.  Adams Media Corporation, Holbrook, MA.  (
2.    How to succeed as an Independent Consultant - A valuable resource for clients contemplating a dramatic shift from the military culture – John Wiley & Sons, Inc.  NY.  Copyright 1996.
Regional Guides, Periodicals and Newspapers
1.    The Metropolitan Job Bank Series – Solid regional/metro guide to key players in area industries.  Adams Media Corporation, Holbrook, MA.
2.    Fortune and Forbes magazines and The Wall Street Journal – Three of the most useful periodicals available.
1.    Sixty Four Tough Interview Questions – I compiled this list of tough interview questions a while back, and strongly recommend that all job seekers study it in detail. Available by e-mail upon written request.
2.    Guide to Senior Executive Service – For individuals who are interested in examining the Federal Government’s SES possibilities.  Especially valuable for the five core competency statements that are included.  Available by e-mail.
3.    Senior Workshop Power-Point Slides – All slides are on power-point, and are available to individuals upon written request.